6 Things To Try If Your Toilet Won’t Flush


We’ve all been there before, so we all know that sinking feeling very well. You stand up, press the button and … oh dear. Toilet won’t flush. It never happens at a convenient moment, and it never seems to be an easy fix.

But although your face is red and your pants are around your ankles, just because the toilet won’t flush doesn’t mean the world is ending. In fact, it’s probably not a big deal at all.

It’s certainly not a big deal for our emergency plumbers – whether your toilet won’t flush at all or it’s just slow to empty or fill…continue reading


Hot Water Problems: The Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide


There’s nothing worse than getting up on a cold morning ready to jump into a warm shower only to find your hot water is cold. Or perhaps you’ve spotted a leak from your hot water system. You may even turn on the tap to find there’s no water flowing at all from your hot tap!

Don’t panic. Although hot water problems are a pain, there are some things you can check yourself before contacting a local plumbing service. In this post we look at common issues, troubleshooting and…continue reading

Preventing Blocked Drains & Sewers, A Plumbers OpinionModern…

Preventing Blocked Drains & Sewers, A Plumbers Opinion

Modern drains have come a long way, quite literally from their inception around 2800 years ago by the Roman empire. Designed to prevent the spread of disease by keeping waste water separate from fresh drinking water the Romans were the first to utilise a system of drainage to protect the health of it’s citizens.

Here on Australia’s Gold Coast, there are 3329 kilometres of sewer drains running…continue reading